Sunday, September 28, 2008

Do NOT sign up for Vonage

If you sign up for Vonage and need to cancel for some reason...

it is harder than cancelling AOL is (or was).

Vonage was a good idea, but they are wrapped up in their terms and conditions.

Last summer I tried to cancel. I found out I had to call on the phone to cancel, I went to call, and they have a very narrow window of time for you to call, Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST. Which equals 5 am - 4 pm Alaska time.

but I called (I wasn't working at the time) and I ended up trying to convince them to cancel my account and they argued with me and said "Well I am going to give you 2 free months so you can see if you can get better Internet" and after about 30 minutes I finally said "OK" to get them off the phone. Then I got a job.

Early morning is not a good time for me to call, and I work until 5 pm, so that leaves me little options about time to call. And it leaves me angry.

so I contacted their customer service department about canceling via email and they said:

"For canceling your account, for the security and privacy of your account, our company policy dictates that an Account Management representative verify information verbally with our customers. This is particularly important when there may be charges associated with canceling an account. Your phone number will remain active until you contact the Account Management Department over phone. As per the Terms of Service you agreed to, we do not accept cancellation requests through email."

My question is "How do they know it was actually me who signed up for the account?" I did that all via email. Where was the verification then? Strangly absent.


the Aptera--The car I want

More Moose in the Yard

Kenley watching from the deck.

The moose watching from down the hill.
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A cow and calf Moose near Denali National Park

In Denali National Park

A View of Denali (Mt. McKinley) from Willow, Alaska.

A Young Bull Moose in Denali National Park.
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Fairbanks and North Pole

On a ridge near Fairbanks.

At Santa Clause House in North Pole, Alaska.

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