Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Love House Book Club

In January 2007, I subscribed to

Last summer I got a Kindle from

Since then I have read quite a few books, discovered several new Authors (new to me), and have generally been reading quite a bit lately (Sorry TV).

In the spirit of this I have decided to post views and reviews of books I have read (or look forward to reading).

I am currently reading --

     The Eye of the World (Book 1 of the Wheel of Time) -- Robert Jordan 
-- Reading aloud to Justin.  I must say, I enjoy this series.  I have listened to all of the books from and they are enjoyable.  I love the voices of Michael Kramer and Kate Reading (the narrators).  I am reading this myself to Justin (age 10) from the Kindle and I am getting more out of it this go round.  I will write more about this series later.

     The Dragons of Ordinary Farm -- Tad Williams & Deborah Beale
-- Reading aloud to Kenley.  I was excited to see that Tad Williams and his wife Deborah Beale teamed up to write this series for young people.  Tad is in my view one of the most amazing authors ever.  Kenley (age 7) is enjoying this book.

     Golden Fool: Tawny Man Trilogy -- Robin Hobb 
-- Reading aloud to Laura (age ##--I'll never tell).  Robin Hobb is an author we discovered with a Kindle freebie  (it's not free anymore).  We have read the Farseer Trilogy, the Liveship Traders Trilogy, and now the Tawny Man Trilogy, all set in the same land.  Robin Hobb's writing style is very character driven and it is easy to get pulled in.  However, sometimes her books can be emotionally draining.  I will write more about her other books soon.

     Shadowmarch: Shadowmarch: Volume I -- Tad Williams
-- Reading to myself.  Just started, but already love Tad's descriptive abilities in this story.  I will write reviews of Tad Williams' other books soon.

    The Final Empire--Mistborn Book 1 -- Brandon Sanderson 
-- Listening to Audiobook (unabridged).  I found out about Brandon Sanderson when he was asked to finish the Wheel of Time series after the death of Robert Jordan.  I just started listening, will give feedback later.

So there you have it.