Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alaska Permanent Fund

It was recently announced that the Alaska Permenant Fund grew to $40,300,000,000. I found the following comments on the Anchorage Daily News website...
"Alaska's PF is rated the 17th largest in the world at $40.3 billion.  Norway's is #2 at $571 billion.  Both are funded by oil.  Both countries have produced around 20 billion barrels since each struck big oil in 1968.  Alaska made its first deposit to the PF in 1977; Norway made its first deposit to it fund in (ready for this?) 1996.

Norway's fund contributes $20 billion a year to its national budget.  Alaska's budget (operating and capital combined) is less than half that amount."

"But look on the bright side...

BP, XOM and COP take the rest of our money and invest it in places like Angola, Trinidad and Russia, where they make triple digit returns with it!

Those filthy socialists in Norway might have 'free healthcare' and 'the highest standard of living in the world' according the the Human Development Index, but we have street bums, one of the highest rates of sexual abuse in the country AND a very small and over-stuffed oligarchy of CEO's, Vice Presidents and directors making obscene amounts of money via stock option bonuses at these 3 companies.

Take that, stupid socialists!"

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